Bathroom shutters in dubai

Although home is where the heart resides, our bedrooms are particularly wonderful. It’s our personal refuge, a spot where we can unwind at the end of the day.

Shutter blinds are the ideal window solution for a pleasant night’s sleep while also making your bedroom seem great. They are created and built to fit your windows and, more importantly, to complement your style and decor.

You have many of opportunities to include colour into your shutter design by selecting a colour from our Pure Hardwood


Why Choose Plantation Shutters for Your Bedroom?

OK, they look wonderful. That is most likely a driving factor behind your desire to purchase shutters for a bedroom window. Aside from that, what are your main objectives?

If privacy is your main priority, internal window shutters are an excellent choice. The slats may be turned at an angle to provide seclusion while still allowing light into the space. This makes shutters perfect for bedroom windows since they allow light to enter while keeping prying eyes out.

What about the darkness levels? Do you require complete blackout? If so, plantation shutters, while effective at darkening the room, do not provide a total blackout.

Blackout Shutters for Your Bedroom: Do They Exist?

The short answer is: no. If a shutter company tells you that their shutters are 100% blackout, this is just not true.

As previously stated, shutter panels must be designed with a very small space between the shutter blades and the solid component of the panel. This ensures that the louvres slide smoothly.

It is feasible to install a blackout roller blind discreetly behind the shutter panels and within the shutter frame. It can be drawn down at night to prevent light from passing through the shutters in the early hours of the morning.

Some clients maintain drapes with a blackout.

Do you need advice on bedroom shutters?

Remember, we have a staff of real shutter specialists ready to assist you. If you are unsure which design of plantation shutters is appropriate for a bedroom, please email us a photo of your room and windows so that we can make design suggestions.

Check out our gallery for photographs of bedroom shutters installed in various homes to help you get inspired!

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